Supported by the breath of the group, work at your own level. Beginners welcome!

Doors open at 6:00. Class at 6:15

136 avenue fairmont ouest, montreal, 2nd Floor

You will learn to use your breath and feel the benefits of synchronizing movement with breath (vinyasa). The internal actions of each posture will be emphasized so that students of all levels can deepen their practice safely. Additional instructions will be provided for returning students to continue to increase strength and flexibility.

More details and Prices here.

Dates and updates on our Facebook event.

Un Voyage de Détente Profonde

Samedi, le 8 février 2014        15h30 à 17h00


Vous êtes invités à venir faire l’expérience d’un voyage de détente profonde à travers la technique du Yoga Nidra: le sommeil du yogi. Complètement supportés par des couvertures et des coussins et enveloppés par la musique apaisante de Matt Wiviott à la harpe chinoise ou guzheng, Rhetta Parnas vous guidera dans une méditation profonde. Cet atelier d’une après-midi est conçu pour créer un état de relaxation complet, réduire le stress et libérer les tensions profondes du corps.


Ouvert à tous les âges et les niveaux – les débutants sont les bienvenus!


Tous les accessoires et couvertures seront fournis. Svp nous laisser savoir si vous aurez besoin d’un tapis de yoga ou si vous apporterez le vôtre. Quelques tapis seront disponibles sur place.

20$ / 15$ (regulier / étudiants ou à faibles revenus)

Questions? Contactez Rhetta: 514-347-6032

Equilibrium Yoga, Suite 101 
4812 Saint-Laurent, coin Villeneuve
Montréal, QC, H2T 1R5

A Journey Into Complete Relaxation

Saturday February 8th 2014        3:30-5:00 PM


You are invited to experience a journey into complete relaxation through the technique of Yoga Nidra: Yogic Sleep.  Completely supported by blankets and cushions, and embraced by the soothing sounds of Matt Wiviott playing the guzheng (Chinese harp), Rhetta Parnas will guide you into deep meditation. This afternoon workshop is designed to relieve stress and release deeply held tensions in your body.

Open to all ages and levels – total beginners welcome!

All props and blankets will be provided. A few yoga mats are available: please let us know if you will need one.

$20 / $15 (regular / student & low-income)

Questions and to reserve a place: 514-347-6032

Equilibrium Yoga, Suite 101 
4812 Saint-Laurent, corner Villeneuve
Montréal, QC, H2T 1R5

The Eagle Spirit High Performance Camp has the primary goal to teach the Aboriginal youth that true success is a balance of multiple dimensions including academics, family, personal relationships, health, culture and self-esteem.

The camp is three days long, and was a gathering of about 50 Aboriginal youth from all across Canada. Run by the McGill Fist Peoples’ House, I was invited to lead a workshop on Yoga: Beyond the Postures.

We explored breath, the energetic body, relaxation, and the nature of the mind-body connection.

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